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No Limits Jiu Jitsu Foundation successfully launched “a new category at sighted BJJ competitions” by having the visually impaired and blind compete against each other October 1, 2022.  Co-Founder of No Limits Jiu Jitsu Foundation Angel Adorno is a 3X medalist in sighted competitions and he is visually impaired.

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Mike “armbar king” in blue Gi and Angel Adorno in black Gi
Angel and Mike completing the first ever new category for the blind grapplers
Sensei Tom from Iron Guard Dojo with Angel and Mike
Jeff from Ascension Grappling with Mike and Angel and lets not forget about Angel’s traveling partner Sigmund

Launching this new category at a BJJ competition would be a triple benefit.  Here is an outline:

Jeff Haddad from Ascension Combat started a new tournament and wants to grow it organically.  Through Iron Guard Dojo and others, they began to spread the word. The main competitive advantage for Ascension Combat Tournament is they created a new category with only visually impaired competing against each other. A second category stemming from the success of the first, is veterans with disabilities. All entry fees for visually impaired competing at Ascension Combat Tournaments are paid for by No Limits Jiu Jitsu Foundation.

No Limits Foundation raises money and supports Angel’s training and competing fees, Angels coaches and its competition team members registration fees. All No Limits Foundation competitors will wear team Gi’s and No Limits Jiu Jitsu processes the entry fee and takes a photo for the website with the “oversized check” for each competitor.  No Limits Foundation sets up a public booth to receive donations at each Ascension Combat Tournament, and Jeff makes the first donation at each of his events. Everyone benefits for a good cause. 

Iron Guard Dojo and No Limits Jiu Jitsu Foundation use Elite Gi’s and they have agreed to sponsor Angel with his competition Gi and rash guard. Thank you Born Tough.

Angel Adorno – Cofounder of NO LIMITS Jiu Jitsu Foundation For Visually Impaired And Veterans With Disabilities.

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